Instagram August

One last month in the catch-up…..I hope I’ve learned my lesson and simply keep up each month.

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Instagram July

This month included a move for number one son, a visit from a Canadian goose,  a nephew. and a grandboy…..

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Instagram June

Still catching up, the weather was perfect for mustang rides, flowers, and a fun visit with the grandgirl!

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Instagram May

I didn’t realize how many months I let slide, not that I truly think my monthly Instagram re-caps are of great importance – HA! I have to admit I keep up with the #fmsphotoaday prompts more than any others and I do enjoy seeing other people’s contributions.

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Instagram April

I’m playing a bit of catch-up with my Instagram photos. I’ve been keeping up on Instagram, just forgetting to share them here. I love following along with daily prompts, if I miss one I simply skip it – I treat them as a suggestion rather than an order – kinda like speed limit signs and [...]

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People Watching

Our challenge this week was to do a little people watching. Well…..I live in a very small town with the worst mall ever. I suppose I could capture some great pics at the Farm Bureau but I suspect I wouldn’t go unnoticed in the parking lot for long. We took a little drive on Sunday [...]

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Scavenger Hunt

I’ve fallen so far behind and was grateful for an assignment that I could participate in while on the run. Here we go, on the list….. Bench…Hubby made this bench for me when I started my Snap-Peas blog – it’s what visitors see when they come to the back door. Everyone comes to the back [...]

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My Furry Friend

Last week’s theme was right up my alley – I have so very many furry faces to select from. Heaven knows I tried, the one little trait my dogs seem to lack is the “hold still for a second” mode. I tried with puppies – not a single decent shot between 2 batches. They all [...]

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I haven’t played along with Beyond 2 in forever – sometimes, every once in a while… I feel the need to attend to business instead of playtime – gasp! That’s been the case lately, but I won’t allow it to get in the way much longer. Our challenge this week is to create a manifesto, [...]

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